QC Policy


Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services are intended to assure that the quality of all the work, including fabrication and construction activities, strictly conforms to the project requirements as well as applicable codes and standards.

Our quality systems are flexible and can be adapted to suit the requirements of various projects and accommodate any scope of engineering, fabrication and field construction. The Quality Assurance Department consists of personnel who specialize in engineering, procurement, inspection, testing, welding, non-destructive testing, metallurgy, etc. Such specialization can be provided either through individuals or in various combinations depending on the project requirements and budget.

While key personnel are assigned to provide exclusive services to a project, our quality assurance and quality group is an independent team that audits and reviews the work quality of the project to make sure all efforts are performed in the manner established by the QA/QC program and particulars.

The QA/QC program will be implemented regarding control elements from the outset of the project in order

  • Define what must be controlled
  • Establish control levels/criteria
  • Take actual measurements
  • Compare actual vs. control factors
  • Identify deviations early
  • Take prompt and preventive/corrective actions
  • Feedback and follow-up all elements.
The versatility of our personnel and procedure enables us to perform a broad range of tasks for a full range of clients.

Quality Control Organization and Materials Testing Laboratory Facilities

Beximco Engineering Limited operates a quality management system which is implemented on our construction project.

As part of the system procedures are followed for ensuring at all the necessary quality control checks are carried out and documented. These procedures require that an Inspection and Test plan is produced for each aspect of the works.

  • Which quality control checks are carried out.
  • Which specification/testing criteria is applicable.
  • Who is responsible for carrying out the checking.
  • What documentation is produced.


Beximco Engineering Ltd. place great emphasis on the responsibility for quality control as an integral part of the line management function. To achieve this, all staff are selected and trained to ensure that all operatives, activities and subcontractors within their control and spare of operations are consistently producing acceptable levels of quality and performance.
The ultimate responsibility for quality of works on any project remains with the appointed Project Manager.

Materials Laboratory

A material testing laboratory sufficient to carryout all the necessary testing will be established on the project. This will be managed by a suitably qualified material engineer who will report directly to the Project Manager.

Role and responsibility of staff involved in quality control and Management

Beximco Engineering Ltd. will maintain the quality control of the project work items deploying a Sr. Material Engineer. He will have a Jr. Engineer & a Team of Technicians to work in the Laboratory & field for ensuring that the quality control procedures set out in the Project quality control plan are adhered to. The Sr. Material Engineer will have independent control of all quality control activities reporting directly to the Consultant under the guidance of the Project Manager, Beximco Engineering Ltd. will employ competent quality control technical staff to carry out testing and other quality control procedures.

Beximco Engineering Ltd. will submit to the Consultant a proposed project quality control plan under the guideline of the specification to the Consultant for approval. After the final approval of the quality control plan specified forms would be printed and maintained properly.

The Project quality control plan will include the following items:

  • General quality control procedures.
  • Complete documentation to ensure that all materials that are to be brought to site comply with the requirements of the specification.
  • A complete schedule of sampling and testing procedures including test type. Frequency, timing, reporting and signing off procedures.
  • Acceptance criteria for payment purposes and procedures in the event of substandard.
  • Procedure for the checking, testing and approval of temporary works.
  • Standard report forms for submission to consultant.