About Beximco Engineering Ltd.

Synthetics Beximco Engineering Ltd. (BEL), is a wholly owned construction unit of the renowned industrial and trading house Beximco Group and uniquely serving the needs of the construction industry in a world of rapidly changing technology. The name BEL is the culmination of long process of organizational development that started in the 70�s. Initially it started as a specialised engineering and management unit within the Beximco Group. Finally as the work load increased to a level beyond the capacity of a small team, BEL was created as an independent Company in 1984. An experienced team of engineers and key management people, formed the core of the Company.

Backed by the accumulated experience BEL has established a systematic comprehensive engineering superiority to execute any kind of construction projects and respond to the challenges facing it.

Financially stable as the subsidiary of Beximco Group, BEL has access to the expertise and facilities of its parent and to those of other subsidiaries to undertake complete programme, planning, implementation and completion of construction projects of any magnitude.

BEL has been a technological leader and pioneer construction company in Bangladesh for years. Today sustained by the support of Beximco Group and its own capabilities BEL continues to make great advances in the development of nation building tasks. Their accomplishments and capabilities which lend particular strength and satisfaction reflected by the clients.

Currently BEL has increased a good number of staff including technical & management professionals for its field and head office.

In order to keep ahead of its competitors and to maintain high professional management quality and technical skill, BEL provides management and development training programmes throughout the year.

These training programmes are conducted through Beximco Group's own training center which is fully equipped with modern training facilities and qualified training staff both local and expatriates. Key professionals are also sent abroad for training not available at home.

Now with the skills and proven record of achievement BEL is committed to utilize these skills to ensure fulfillment of both its own goal and goals of valued clients for a better tomorrow.

Company Profile


1. In House Factory Building of Beximco Since - 1970
2. Gas Transmission Lines Since - 1980
3. Industrial / Commercial, High Rise Apartment Building Since - 1984
4. Other types of constructions involving RCC/PC Structures Since - 1984
5. Pump Station Since - 1985
6. Roads & Highways Since - 1987
7. Power Transmission Lines Since - 1987
8. Hydraulic Structures Since - 1988
9. Off-shore structures Since - 1990
10. Bridges / Culverts Since - 1991
11. Railways Since - 1998


BEL worked with Samwhan- TS0 JV for the Construction of 99 km long Jamuna Bridge Railway Link Project.
Scope of works were as follows :

  • Camp facilities for Samwhan and Engineer's.
  • Construction of Box Culvert 57 Nos. Bridges 22 Nos. including slope protection work (Gabion & Brick Block Laying), Total volume of concrete 21,753 cu.m
  • Construction of Railway embankment. Total quantity of earthwork 1,061,000 cu.m
  • Pre-Cast pile casting & driving, (Vertical and raker). (400mnx400mmx22-28m long)

Beximco Engineering Limited (BEL) was associated with China National Complete Plant Export Corporation in Construction of Flexible Pavement Road in Jhenaidah-Kushtia Section (44.723 K.m.), Road Improvement Project, Contract No.-12, aided by ADB under Roads & Highway Department in the year 1993-1994 under the supervision of Design Development Consultant (DDC). BEL worked for 6 K.m from Kushtia towards Jhenaidah (Chainage 38.723 to 44.723)

BEL worked for construction of 57 nos. Box culvert & 22 nos. Bridges with total volume of 21,753 cu.m concrete including pre-cast pile casting & driving using own piling Rigs, Diesel Hammers and Crane.


Beximco Engineering Ltd. worked with Hyundai Engineering & Construction JV for the Construction of the historic 4.8 km Long Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Project.
Scope of works were as follows :

  • Camp facilities.
  • Gantry beam.
  • Temporary Structures.
  • Production of 1254 Nos. Box Girder Segment.

Beximco Engineering Ltd. has completed a 102 M long Pre-stressed Concrete Girder bridge on Design Built Contract basis over Putimari River at Bagerhat, under Local Government Engineering Department (LGED). The River Putimari had a serious tidal effect of 9 to 10 feet water level difference. P.C. Girders were pre-cast on the bank of the River then the Girders were installed by two cranes on barge. Load tests were carried out by two Methods. One by static loading & another by anchor method BCL- Hifab - SWI - SMEC was the consultant for the project.

Beximco Engineering Ltd. has completed a 165.00 meter long P.S.B Bridge on 18th K.M Fulbaria- Kaliakair - Dhamrai Road under Gazipur Road Division, Roads & Highways Department.

Beximco Engineering Ltd. has completed a Jetty and Water intake structure in Karnafuli River on 1.20 m. dia. 42 meter long Cast-in-situ bored piles for 210 MW Power Plant Project, Rauzan, Chittagong.


Beximco Engineering Ltd. (BEL) worked for the construction of 24 KM long 230 KV Transmission Line with duplex conductor from 210 MW Chittagong Thermal Power Plant to Hathazari Sub-Station, Chittagong, BEL also worked for the construction of 88 Km long Dohazari-Cox's Bazar 132 KV power Transmission Line under BPDB in the year 1987-89 at the cost of Tk. 58.00 million.

BEL worked for 220 Km. long, 600 mm dia. Gas Transmission line from Bakhrabad Gas Field to Chittagong and around Chittagong City.

Overseas Activity:
BEL worked for 275 KV Transmission Line crossing over klang river, Malaysia Tower height was 105.00 meter with span of 1.10 KM. With the successfully completion of transmission line in Malaysia BEL has gained a good reputation in overseas service.
Beximco Engineering Ltd. commenced its overseas operation in Malaysia in 1991 with the construction of 275 KV Power Transmission Line in Kualalumpur, Malaysia.


Beximco Engineering Ltd. (BEL) worked for the Construction of commercial building. It has constructed a 15 storied office building (BEL Tower), built up area of which is 63,271 sft. at 19, Dhanmondi, Dhaka at the cost of Taka 140 million in 1996. This is one of the best quality buildings of the city.

Beximco Engineering Ltd. worked for the construction of factory buildings like Beximco Textiles Ltd., Beximco Denim Mills Ltd., Beximco Knitting Ltd., Shinepukur Ceramics at Sarabo, Gazipur, Synthetic yarn factory at Sarabo, Gazipur, Padma Textile & Beximco Pharmaceutical etc.


Beximco Engineering Ltd. (BEL) Worked for the construction of 9 & 13 storied High Rise Apartment Building "Charmville" at Green Road, Dhaka of Shinpukur Holdings Ltd. In the year 1997 at the cost of taka 90.98 million.

BEL also worked for the construction of 6 storied high rise apartment complex of 200 units "Manoshi Lake View" at Mirpur, Dhaka of Shinpukur Holdings Ltd. In the year 1997 at the cost of taka 150.00 million.

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